Book Review Request – CLOSED

Hello Authors and Publicists! I’m so excited to see the books you have created. I help authors connect with readers through high-quality long book reviews. I’m different from other paid book reviewers because my longer book reviews feature the author and are search engine optimized.

Currently, I have too many books in my TBR pile. I will hopefully be reopening my reviews soon. If you want to be the first to know, join my newsletter! It has book insights, and writing tips just for authors. Plus, you can always unsubscribe if it isn’t for you.

Want to Collaborate?

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I do more than just write book reviews! Do you want to collaborate on social media, or host a giveaway of your book? Do you want to have a special discount code for The Book Nanny readers? Or do you have another fabulous idea?!

Let’s get chat and discuss our strengths and how we want to work together to get your book in front of readers. Sign up for to time to talk below. Or you can email me directly at

What should I do before getting a book review quote?

Please ensure that your book is thoroughly edited, has a fantastic cover, and is listed on Amazon and Goodreads.

Polish your summary and author bio! I can tell quite a bit about your writing style and whether I want to read your book from these short paragraphs.

I accept independently published books but hold them to the same writing quality and graphic standards as the larger publishing companies.

Make sure your book is a good fit for my blog by clicking through some of my posts. Some questions to ask yourself are: Is my book targeting the same audience? Do I like this review style? Does my book look professional?

What format should my book be?

I prefer digital books because I love having a book or three with me all the time. Have your book in one of the following formats: EPUB, PDF, and Kindle. Book Funnels are okay, but not my preference.

What is included in a book review?

My book reviews are typically 1,000-1,500 words long and include a section about the author. Each post has multiple links where readers can purchase your book. Every book review is shared with my newsletter subscribers and multiple times on my social media channels. You will get the first look at the post with an option to revoke it if you don’t like what I’ve written. Typically my reviews are positive, so don’t worry!