Rating System

I started rating books because I wanted others to have the ability to read books or recommend books to children that are both reading-level and age-appropriate. And voilà! The Book Nanny was born. All ratings come from personally reading or skimming the book specifically to rate them.


These books are for all readers. No content is questionable. There might be some mild cartoon-like violence.


These books are for most readers. Some topics, violence, or occasional language may not be suitable for all readers.


These books are for mature readers aged 13 and up. Items include frequent language, long potentially graphic battle sequences, and some or strong sex innuendos and discussion of sex.


These books are for adults only and not the faint of heart due to their content. Content may include pornographic sexual content, pervasive language, and realistic violence like torture and prolonged war sequences.


I feel comfortable recommending all G and PG-rated books. I recommend the majority of PG-13 books to the appropriate teen and adult audiences. R-rated books I recommend on a case-by-case basis. Please know that even though I do provide this information I am not responsible if you dislike or have bad experiences with any of these books. My goal is to provide more information about the books so you can select the reading experience specific to your needs.

If you have questions about a specific rating or feel like a rating needs to be changed please contact me.