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Hold on to your horses and get ready for a wild ride through the Lonestar Series by Colleen Coble. I found this while looking for Christian romance novels to read. I had a very different experience with each book in this series. Some of them were fast-paced and I was on the edge of my seat. Others were so slow I forgot what was even going on. There were a few that looking back I wished I had just skipped entirely. This post is so you know what you are getting yourself into with these books.

The Lonestar series is a clean contemporary western filled with romance. Each book shows characters learning how to trust, fall in love, and come closer to God through their trials. However, just because a book is published doesn’t make it worth reading. Keep reading to see a few insights about the various books so you know which ones to read and which ones you might want to skip.

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Lonestar Series Background

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The Lonestar Series takes place in Bluebird, Texas a small ranching community close to the Mexican border. Each of these books is a contemporary western where a guy and a girl fall in love, danger around every corner, and lots of cute little girls who love their horses. Every book has parts where the characters regain their relationship with God. These parts aren’t preachy but walk us through some of the simple and beautiful moments where they mend that relationship and learn to trust in God more.

1. Lonestar Sanctuary

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Lonestar Sanctuary jumps right into the action when someone breaks into Allie’s trailer at a rodeo and threatens to kill her. Allie takes her daughter and runs to Bluebird Ranch hoping to find a sanctuary and hoping that working with the horses will help her daughter Betsy to talk for the first time in a year. Now she just has to figure out how to find, and explain the situation, to Rick, her deceased husband’s best friend, and hope he is willing to help her keep custody of her daughter and protect them from the crazy guy who killed every member of her family.

For more about Lonestar Sanctuary check out the Parent Guide and Review. It also included an in-depth look at themes in the book.

2. Lonestar Secrets

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Five years ago Shannon Aster left town a single mother trying to leave her secrets behind. When a chance comes to have a better life for her daughter she comes back to the home left behind. Coming home means facing past betrayals and reconnecting with her high-school nemesis Jack MacGowan who is widowed with a five-year-old daughter of his own. A startling resemblance between the girls leads them to team up to solve a mystery involving Shannon’s parents, a lost Spanish treasure, and a black stallion. Just as the name implies Lonestar Secrets is full of secrets but will those secrets tear them apart or pull them together?

Check out the Parent Guide and Review for Lonestar Secrets complete with a look at the violence, language, and adult content. There are plenty of secrets but hopefully no unwanted ones after reading the review.

3. Lonestar Homecoming

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With only five dollars in her pocket and wearing a wedding dress, Gracie Lister escapes with her daughter to West Texas on a train. She returns to a town she ran away from years earlier. Michael Wayne – a single father and soldier – gives Gracie a job caring for his two children while she hides from her ex-fiance. They didn’t expect to fall in love but love found them. When Gracie’s ex-fiance becomes top of the FBI’s most-wanted list trouble is around every corner. They must dig deep to find the strength to protect their new family. In Lonestar Homecoming Gracie and Michael learn to face their fears head-on instead of running away.

For more about Gracie and Michael’s story and potential thematic triggers check out the Parent Guide.

4. Lonestar Angel

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Lonestar Angel is told from Eden’s perspective. Eden has had a rough life. five years ago her daughter was stolen and she blamed herself. Her husband Clay turned to work and their young marriage crumbled. Now Eden is starting to move on. The night her boyfriend is going to propose Clay shows up unexpectedly. Surprise they are still married and Clay has been searching this entire time for their daughter. He thinks that he has found her in Bluebird, Texas at a youth ranch.

They decide to sign on as youth counselors and work with the group of girls while they try to figure out which girl is theirs. Working together they start to fall in love again and try to make things work again. But with new hope comes danger. Eden, Clay, and the five girls have to fight to overcome the danger. Along the way, Eden realizes that God has been there the whole time fighting for her family.

Seriously check out this Parent Guide if you want to know more about some of the dangerous situations Eden and Michael find themselves in.

My Thoughts on the Series

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Just a disclaimer these are my general thoughts about the series. If you want my opinion on a specific book look that that book’s Parent Guide and Review. I put all the links in for a reason. I want you to be informed about what you are reading about especially because there are some very heavy topics contained in a couple of these books.

Let’s dig in. I thought the series started really well. Lonestar Sanctuary had high stakes and it seemed like the villain was always around or lurking in the shadows. It helped to keep the tension up and the climax was beautifully orchestrated. The good longevity of the story peaked there though. Books one through three all start with the characters marrying for convenience and the further you get in the series the reasons why they marry become less and less believable. As you keep going, the villains slowly drift away, and sometimes I had to stop and remember why they got married in the first place and who the bad guy even was. Those are red flags saying the book isn’t the best. 

In the Lonestar Series, I recommend Lonestar Sanctuary and Lonestar Secret. After that not so much. I really didn’t like Lonestar Homecoming. For more about this flop and which chapters you need to skip to stay sane see here. I can’t recommend Lonestar Homecoming or Lonestar Angel with any gusto but they are okay. Read if you really want to but I am 100% behind you if you decide not to finish this series.

What to Read Next?

If you are looking for more contemporary Christian romance check out Hope Harbor on Amazon. You will love it! It has a lot of similarities to this series but much more polished. I definitely recommend every book in that series. If your romantic heart is crying out for something with princesses and like a fairy-tale check out this post. Also, check out this post for some of my favorite romance novels.

Happy Reading!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy, I make a small commission for referring you. This helps me make a few cents for doing what I love.