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Hey fellow readers, buckle up for a comprehensive exploration of “Fourth Wing,” where we’ll dive into the intricate details of characters, dragons, the book’s overview, and even provide a parent guide. Plus, discover where you can get your hands on this captivating tale! 

Judging Fourth Wing by Its Cover

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I’ve read so many books that usually I can figure out what a book is about just by looking at the cover. So, I decided to judge this book by its cover and tell everyone in a TikTok what I thought before reading it. I thought it would be a fluffy fairy tale about a princess and two dragons. Potentially even a boarding school where dragons were the sentries. I was completely wrong! I’m so glad I was wrong because the real version was so much better! 

Overview of Fourth Wing 

“Fourth Wing” unfolds in a nation on the brink of conflict. Violet’s unexpected journey into dragon riding disrupts her librarian dreams, thrusting her into a realm of fierce battles, unique magic, and soul-deep bonds with dragons. The narrative unfolds over a year, blending elements of fantasy, romance, and suspense. Expect twists during the reaping, where dragons choose their lifelong companions, and be prepared for an epic twist on the last page that will leave you eagerly anticipating the sequel. 

Parent Guide: Navigating Intensity in “Fourth Wing”

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For parents contemplating “Fourth Wing” for young readers, please take time to think before letting your teens read this. This book has a lot of situations and aspects that demand consideration. 

The violence within “Fourth Wing” is tastefully presented during the fantasy battles, strategically contributing to the story’s depth. It’s not a constant bloodbath but a crucial element that propels the characters forward, showcasing their resilience and strategic prowess. 

On the language front, the F-word, liberally used, might catch readers off guard, especially in the early chapters. I felt like after a few chapters there wasn’t as much language but it was still used sporadically. I almost stopped reading it because of how much language there is. So, if you are sensitive to it, this isn’t the book for you. 

How Spicy is this Romantasy? 

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Fourth Wing is less spicy than A Court of Mist and Fury with only two to three spicy scenes. I appreciated that the first scene wasn’t until over 50% of the book. This let the characters develop a more genuine connection and it made their romance more poignant.  

The included scenes are easy to skip over for those who don’t want to read them and you won’t miss much.  

Overall, I suggest readers be at least 18 before reading this book due to the sexual content.  

Dragons: Majestic, Powerful, and Unpredictable 

These dragons aren’t your typical fantasy companions; they’re pivotal characters in “Fourth Wing.” Telepathically communicating with their riders, dragons share a profound connection, their power reflecting the strength of their human counterparts. Unforgiving and formidable, they add an unpredictable layer to the narrative, creating a world where weakness is not tolerated. 

Eragon vs. “Fourth Wing”: Unraveling the Magic 

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Comparisons with similar dragon-themed books like “Eragon” are inevitable, but “Fourth Wing” stands on its own merits. While both stories involve dragons and their riders, the magic systems differ significantly. “Eragon” presents a lone dragon rider with a general pool of magic, whereas in “Fourth Wing,” each rider possesses a unique, specific magic. From controlling elements to reading minds, this tailored approach adds depth to the characters and their abilities. 

Violet Sorrengail: A Hero with Chronic Challenges 

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At the heart of “Fourth Wing” is Violet Sorrengail, a 20-year-old aspiring librarian thrust into a destiny she never envisioned. Chronic vulnerability plagues her, making every challenge a potential threat to her well-being. Forced to abandon her librarian dreams, she embarks on a journey as a dragon rider, navigating physical limitations and constant fear. Violet’s resilience in the face of adversity transforms her into an underdog we can’t help but cheer for. 

I resonated with her character as someone who deals with chronic illness and pain. The author did a great job of portraying her physical, emotional, and mental struggles. It was a real depiction in a way that anyone could appreciate and connect with. 

Fourth Wing vs. A Court of Thorns and Roses: A Tale of Two Protagonists  

In the realm of adult fantasy literature, “Fourth Wing” and “A Court of Thorns and Roses” are two of the top ones that come to mind and they have captivated readers for the last couple of years. 

Both stories feature main characters with a perceived fragility, Violet Sorrengail of “Fourth Wing” and Feyre Archeron of “A Court of Thorns and Roses” take distinct paths. Violet, a 20-year-old aspiring librarian with chronic vulnerability, is thrust into the world of dragon riding against her dreams. Feyre, on the other hand, is a skilled huntress forced into the perilous faerie realm. 

How Violet and Feyre Respond to Adversity 

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What sets these heroines apart is their response to adversity and what happens as the stories unfold. Violet, despite her physical fragility, confronts challenges head-on, showcasing resilience in the face of fear. She continues to deal with her physical condition even after binding a dragon and discovers later that this weakness has given her enormous strength.  

Feyre, a mortal in a world of fae, doesn’t have the same strength as the fae but she uses her physicality and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles. After the trials of the first book Feyre becomes a fae and her human weakness is gone. She also overcomes the other major failings that almost led to her demise. 

Violet and Fourth Wing Win! 

If there was a competition between the two, I would choose Violet and Fourth Wing. Fantasy should take you to a different world, but the people in that world should still be relatable and have similar struggles and challenges to what we face. I found that Violet and her journey to become a rider was more relatable and it resonated more with me than Feyre’s story.  

I’m not saying that the A Court of Thorns and Roses series isn’t amazing, but Fourth Wing evoked deeper emotions in me and I loved seeing the underdog story play out. 

Get a Discount on Your Copy of Fourth Wing: Audible and Everand 

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“Fourth Wing” is accessible in print for purchase from Amazon. Or, if you want to experience it in audiobook form, you can get it for free through Everand and at a significant discount through Audible. Audible and Everand are both book subscription services. Everand has a great deal right now, where the first month is free when you sign up. Everand has both Fourth Wing and Iron Flame available as audiobooks. 

Conclusion and Exploration 

In concluding our journey into “Fourth Wing,” we’ve only scratched the surface of this captivating saga. For more fantasy worlds to dive into, check out Eragon, A Court of Thorns and Roses, or the 50 Best Fantasy Books for Teen and Adult Part 1 and Part 2. I can’t wait to tell you about the sequel Iron Flame. You will want to pick it up as soon as you finish Fourth Wing. Stay tuned and subscribe if you want the first peek. 

Happy Reading, 

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy, I make a small commission for referring you. This helps me make a few cents for doing what I love.