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I found the first book of this romance series for free when I was browsing free Kindle books. The title The Heart of a Prince intrigued me so I got it. I read it straight through! Pregnant me cried multiple times and my husband didn’t understand why I was crying even after I attempted to explain. He also probably didn’t appreciate me reading in the middle of packing and moving at the time but it was a good book! 

So fast forward, I wrote about the first book in 13 Top Heart-melting Clean Romance Novels Recommended by The Book Nanny post and remembered myself crying and loving it so I decided to reread it. Then I discovered that there were 8 more books! Now you can do what I did and see if your library has a few copies and then wait on hold for two months for the first couple to come in or you can hop over to my new friend Kindle Unlimited and get all of them now, so you don’t have to wait weeks between books. I discovered them on Kindle Unlimited after book 4 and I wished I had known earlier.

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Elements of a Hallmark Movie

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Okay now that you’ve heard the back-story of me ugly crying and then re-discovering the books let me tell you about this amazing Hallmark-worthy romance series. Hallmark is known for making kind of cookie-cutter movies. There is even a Hallmark movie generator! These books are the perfect thing to sit down and read when you are in a Hallmark mood, which is totally a thing even if you are denying its existence right now. All of these books are love stories with some kind of not too intense conflict and are all family-friendly. Meaning zero language and zero making-out or anything else more intense. Two of the books do talk vaguely and briefly about adult relationships. Nothing explicit by any means but more of a PG-13 rating. I recommend waiting until at least 13 to read those two.  

The plots are kind of predictable but I do like how there isn’t a simple conflict. Plus, I like how these are real-life conflicts and emotional barriers and not some abstract “I’m falling in love but don’t want to be in love” thing happening. These books show that getting married doesn’t mean happily-ever-after and it is something that you have to work together on. The author does a great job of showing the ups and downs in a relationship. I’m a fan that she also shows how extended family and friends can help or meddle with that dynamic too.

Contemporary Fiction

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These are all contemporary romance novels but they are set in fictional countries, except one set in the United States in a fictional town. Each book shows the romance story of a different Prince or Princess from one of these fictional countries. Carol Moncado has created her own oasis of islands ruled by royalty and invited us into their lives. You will need to suspend disbelief a bit to fall into the story but then you will love it. Each book is a light and easy read. There are some stories with elements you have to remember but these stories are an easy mindless kind of read for when you want to relax. They are great to read right before bed.

Another reason I like these romance novels is the underlying Christian values and morals. There are a couple of conversations about God and finding worth from him instead of from the world. Some Christian novels make the character’s religious conversion the main story point and hit you over the head with it repeatedly. This series is different. There are a few places of dialogue in each book about God and their relationship with him but it isn’t the main focus. It is more of a peek into the character’s religious beliefs instead of trying to convert the reader, which I found refreshing.

Setting for this Romance Series

Now to explore this series. There are eight books in this romance series but Carol Moncado has many other series and books that intertwine with this one. The Crowns and Courtship series beings in San Majoria a country made of a couple of islands in the Caribbean. A few books into the series we travel over to Eyjania a cold island over by Iceland. I can’t remember if Eyjania has multiple islands or not, but it probably does. They are known for their high mountains and ski slopes. Multiple times throughout the series characters travel to Serenity Landing an imaginary town in South-West Missouri outside of Branson. 

Heart of a Prince by Carol Moncado | Book 1

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Heart of a Prince begins when Jordan Haines decided to take a long vacation in the Caribbean and ends up taking sanctuary at a private beach after a long day of windsurfing. Little does he know that the beach is also a sanctuary for Crown Princess Astrid when she needs to hide from the paparazzi and the tragedy in her past. Just as their relationship begins, photos of them and an engagement ring appear in the tabloids. During the fallout, secrets become heartbreaks as they find out if Jordan has the heart of a prince. 

Overall: PG – kissing and an intense situation (almost drowning)
Language: G
Violence: G
Adult Content: PG – Intense kissing 

The Inadvertent Princess by Carol Moncado | Book 2

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Anabelle was happy working at a yarn shop and raising her younger sister when she ran into the most handsome man. Prince Kensington was enjoying an incognito day at the mall in Eyjania. He didn’t realize that by helping a lost little girl his life would be turned upside down. Spending time with someone who liked him instead of his titles was refreshing until Anabelle’s grandfather tries to make her marry King Benjamin. They decide to elope but Kensington isn’t able to tell her about his titles until after the ceremony. During the aftermath, they have to work through the royal reveal and face the anger of powerful men thwarted by love.

Overall: PG for intense moments (kidnapping scenes)
Language: G
Violence: PG – One kidnapping and a kidnapping attempt
Adult Content: PG – Allusion to adult relationship but nothing more

A Royally Beautiful Mess by Carol Moncado | Book 3

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When you throw two royal families, the expectations of two countries, and a 200-year-old treaty into the same room with two people who forgot responsibility for a week you get a big mess. Princess Esther of San Majoria and Prince Darius of Eyjania met each other at a secluded resort where they both went to get away from the world. At the time they both remained anonymous, but a few weeks later they have to deal with the fallout from their time together. After a secret wedding, they fly to the states to start college and life together. Darius is married to the most beautiful woman he ever met. Astrid is trying to forget the fact that she is married. Now they have to make this mess work while secrets, international treaties, and possible exile hang in the balance.

Overall: PG for mature themes
Language: G
Violence: G
Adult Content: PG – Mentions spending a week together in a hut and living together but nothing else mentioned. Everything else is kissing and then waking up the next morning.

The Indentured Queen by Carol Moncado | Book 4

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King Benjamin decided to kick his controlling uncle out of the palace and out of his life once and for all. Two days later Uncle Isaiah’s revenge comes as a press release about King Benjamin marrying a modern-day indentured scullery maid. To save face with the country King Benjamin offers Katrin a deal. If she agrees to marry him in name only for a year he will waive the other 10 years of service she owes and her family will be taken care of forever. She would continue to work though because no one can know about their deal. After one year she has to fake her own death and leave never to return. Katrin accepts and they marry. After a few heart-racing incidents she starts falling for her impassive husband while wondering if she will be more than the indentured queen.

Overall: PG-13 for adult situations and mature topics
Language: G
Violence: G 
Adult Content: PG-13 a proposition for more, a few kisses, and allusion to nights spent together, worry if there was an agenda behind those nights spent together.

Her Undercover Prince by Carol Moncado | Book 5

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Princess Jacqueline Grace is tired of cameras and her parenting being criticized. Tired of being along and bombarded on all sides by the media. Tired of being a “single mom” without someone to lean on. Enter Dave Smith. His charisma and gorgeous accent both soothe and excite her. Jacqueline doesn’t know what to think when her father assigns Dave as her undercover bodyguard for a diplomatic trip. They bond over both raising daughters they aren’t related to but other secrets threaten to tear them apart. Secrets about their daughters’ parentage, what really happens when a passport goes missing, and a massive security threat.

Overall: PG for intense hostage situation
Language: G
Violence: PG-13 Hostage situation takes place, no real violence or bodily harm but  suspenseful
Adult Content: PG lots of kissing but nothing more than that. At one point they contemplate more but decide against it.

The Spare and the Heir by Carol Moncado | Book 6

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Crown Princess Esmerelda of Islas del Sargasso can’t stand playboy Prince Gabriel of Auverignon. There is just one little problem they have secretly been engaged since they were three. Queen Carlotta has decided it’s time for her daughter to marry and take over running the kingdom. Esme has never wanted an arranged marriage after she saw how unhappy it made her mother. Gabriel has been in love with Esme since they were teenagers and won’t let her slip away. Their arranged marriage has a rocky start when Esme unexpectedly becomes queen. Gabe helps Esme to become the queen she is meant to be and their marriage becomes something beautiful.

Overall: PG-13 for some thematic elements
Language: G
Violence: G
Adult Content: PG-13 Wedding night where they talk, snuggle and fall asleep; random woman shows up for a liaison and is shut down; they do discuss Gabe’s past love life with an unknown number of lovers;

Beyond Titles and Tiaras by Carol Moncado | Book 7

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As wife to the late king and mother to the new one, Eliana Quatremaine has her role as the Queen Mother down. Eliana has always felt left out even with the title of Queen. After being widowed for fifteen years she decides to move on in a very public way, but her heart may already be claimed by the Head of Security. The awkward problem is her son is his boss. With her ten children and his three, they try to figure out what their blended family would look like with six still at home. Their plans are pushed to the limits with a vacation, television series, and security threats as they try to build a life outside of ranks and protocols.

Overall: PG for kissing
Language: G 
Violence: G some intense situations but nothing crazy
Adult Content: PG Lots of kisses but nothing more. They stop on a couple of occasions because they didn’t want emotions getting the best of them.

The (Elusive) Princess by Carol Moncado | Book 8

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Genevieve is outgoing and much more at ease in public situations than her twin sister Evangeline. But when Gen gets sick Evangeline swaps places with her at the last minute and hosts the fundraiser side-by-side with her crush. Evangeline tries to channel her bold and vivacious sister so no one notices the swap. Movie star Sir Peter Barker figured out the swap from the start and is surprised by the instant chemistry between the two of them. Shy introverted Evie has to step into the public eye after her sister goes missing. The strain of being in the public eye is nothing compared to the strain of a long-distance relationship.

Overall: PG
Language: G 
Violence: G
Adult Content: PG kissed but nothing more than that; they do end up sleeping together on a couch over night resulting in their marriage.

It’s (Royally) Complicated by Carol Moncado | Book 9

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It’s (Royally) Complicated is the story of Genevieve and the mess she finds herself in. Over the last two years Gen has been sneaking away to have some alone time with a friend named Levi. They know little of each other’s true identities but have struck up a close friendship. When the pressures of being a royal and her role in the family changing, Gen decides to get out of the spotlight for a couple of days and travel across the US countryside with Levi. Turns out a little blackmail is what it takes to fall in love. The hard part is staying in love when all the secrets come out.

Overall: PG
Language: G
Violence: PG Hostage situation
Adult Content: PG Intense kissing

My Thoughts on The Crowns and Courtship Series

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It started out pretty cool and I really liked the setting in San Majoria. This romance series should have been split into two different series based on where they are located instead of going back and forth between two different royal families. The Ejanian royal family is great but they took over this series. I like how these relationships are more real and complex with multiple layers compared to some other romance novels out there.

I enjoyed reading some books more than others. A few of the books didn’t have enough of a conflict for me and I got bored in the middle. Books 1 through 6 are good but after that, the main conflict went away and there wasn’t a lot of action. These books are good for a quick read and could easily be turning into a Hallmark movie but they aren’t up to the same standard as a blockbuster romance. If you decide to read them out of order there are spoilers.


I recommend these books for anyone looking for a modern clean princess story. Especially if that story is pretty realistic in its portrayal of romance. The majority of these books are also good for younger children. I would caution against The Indentured Queen (Book 4) and The Spare and The Heir (Book 6) for readers under 16 for moderate adult content.

If you are still looking for a romance check some of my favorites here!

Hopefully, you enjoy this series just as much as I did. What are some of your favorite long romance series to read?

Happy Reading!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy, I make a small commission for referring you. This helps me make a few cents for doing what I love.