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Hello, fellow book lovers! Today, I’m delighted to share two fantastic new children’s books that I’m confident will become fast favorites when it’s time to pull out the bedtime stories – “Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures” and “Neil and the Moon’s Secret“. Prepare to enchant your little ones with these tales, with stunning illustrations that capture the imagination.

Now, as your trusty guide to books, I value honesty above all else. While I did receive compensation for this review, it doesn’t sway my opinion. Both of these books are genuinely worth sharing and will add immense value to your reading adventures with your little ones.

Who is The Book Nanny?

For those who are new here, hello and welcome! I’m Emily Campbell, a full-time mom of two fantastic kids and a passionate bookworm. Here at The Book Nanny, we dive deep into the heart of books, ensuring you have the tools to make informed decisions about your reading choices.

As a discerning reader myself, I know the disappointment of picking up a book, only to find it doesn’t meet my expectations. Hence, I created The Book Nanny to help you find books that align with your reading preferences, breaking down the language, violence, and adult content to ensure a worry-free reading experience. 

Consider me your sidekick in your literary adventures, always on the lookout for those hidden gems that will rekindle your love for reading.

Grab a warm cup of cocoa, settle into your comfiest reading nook, and join me in diving into a few bedtime stories your children will be begging to read over and over again.

Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures

Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures takes us into the world of a little girl who discovers a magical star on her pillow one night. Every night when she falls asleep holding it, she embarks on incredible adventures in Dreamland, learning valuable lessons along the way.

Parent Guide

Violence: G

Language: G

Adult Content: G

This book is as clean as they come – all about a little girl’s journey of discovery. It’s a heartwarming tale that will appeal to young children, especially those of a softer disposition or those who are easily frightened.

Neil and The Moon’s Secret

In Neil and The Moon’s Secret, Neil takes a journey with a shooting star to her home. The star teaches him why the Moon changes shapes, and then Neil travels back and shares his newfound knowledge with a group of friends.

Parent Guide

Violence: G

Language: G

Adult Content: G

Just like Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures, Neil and the Moon’s Secret is a clean read with a valuable lesson about learning and sharing knowledge with others.

Journeying Through Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures

The first thing that stands out in Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures is the beautiful illustrations. Each image is intricately detailed and bursting with imagination, complementing the whimsical narrative. 

The story’s language is equally complex and poetic, making it an excellent read-aloud book for parent-child bonding. It’s worth noting that due to the advanced language, it might not be suitable for beginner readers to read alone.

The narrative teases several adventures that Aurora embarks on to learn her valuable lessons, but the details of the experiences are left to the reader’s imagination. I understand the story had to be kept short to stay a picture book, but I would love to see more.

More of Aurora’s Adventures?

I loved Aurora’s Dreamland Adventure so much that I hope the author sincerely thinks about expanding it into an entire series of early chapter books where readers get to go on some of these adventures with Aurora, and then see how she applies her Dreamland knowledge to real-world problems.

Aurora’s Dreamland Adventure has an open ending with the magical star moving on to another child, which beautifully sets the stage for a potential sequel. It also just shows the progression of learning. Aurora no longer needed Dreamland, and it was someone else’s turn.

Neil and the Moon’s Secret: A Glimpse Into the Cosmos

Neil and the Moon’s Secret is a delightful educational journey that introduces the moon’s phases to young readers in an engaging and poetic way. Despite the break in rhyme towards the end, the charm of the story – learning and sharing of knowledge – remains untouched. 

Similar to Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures, the artwork in this book is stunning. The variations in character representation, far from being a flaw, actually enhance the reader’s experience, inviting them to envision the characters in their own way. By the end of the book, it becomes clear this aspect adds to the charm of Neil and the Moon’s Secret.

A Whole Universe of Neil’s Starry Quest

I think the author must have realized how much I wanted a series because he has decided to do a whole series starring Neil. This new series called Whispers of the Universe: Neil’s Starry Quests is about everything in the night sky. Just as this first book teaches about why the moon changes shapes, each book in the series will answer a key question that children ask about the night sky. The second book in the series is already out with more to come! They would be perfect to use in an astronomy unit in schools, or if you have a future astronaut living in your home.

Add to your Collection of Bedtime Stories

Mom reading bedtime story to two kids

The time right before bed is magical, and it can be frustrating too. Little ones are exhausted but want to spend one more moment with their favorite person, you. How many bedtime stories do you typically read together? Is it one or two? Or do they want to read the entire bookshelf? 

Either way, Aurora’s Dreamland Adventure and Neil and the Moon’s Secrets need to be part of your bedtime collection. They are both available on Amazon as paperbacks and for the Kindle. I prefer physical copies of books for reading out loud over digital, but I know bookshelf space can be limited.

When you decide to read these books make sure to leave a review on Amazon. Whether it’s stars or a little message, every review counts. Your review might inspire someone else to read the book.

Need more Books to Read Out Loud Together?

opened book beside tealight

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A few others that would be perfect for reading out loud together are The Boxcar Children and Luna’s Rescue. Both are shorter chapter books and are perfect for young families or in the classroom.

Final Thoughts

Both, Aurora’s Dreamland Adventures and Neil and the Moon’s Secret offer more than bedtime stories. They weave tales of learning, sharing, and community building that nurture curiosity, and a sense of wonder in young minds. Despite minor hiccups, they’re commendable for the values and lessons they impart. They truly are the perfect addition to any child’s bookshelf.

So, next time you pick a bedtime story, why not venture into Aurora’s Dreamland or uncover the Moon’s secrets with Neil? These books promise a magical journey into Dreamland and to the moon while fostering a love of discovery and learning. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Amazon and in the comment section below!

Remember, every book is an adventure waiting to be embarked upon. So, tuck your little ones in, open up these books, and let the magical journey begin.

Happy Reading! 

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy, I make a small commission for referring you. This helps me make a few cents for doing what I love.