Ender’s Game is a militaristic science fiction novel set in the future, and Earth is preparing to stop another alien invasion from happening. Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggins was born in a world where everyone contributes to defeating the buggers. He is offered a spot in Battle School that trains the world’s gifted into top-level commanders capable of beating the aliens during the next attack while orbiting Earth. While at the school, Ender rises to the top of his class, and eventually the school, as he shows his great ability to strategize, but it leaves him isolated in the process. Dive into Ender’s brain as he deals with isolation, pressure from teachers, rivalry among peers and fear of the imminent invasion.

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Book Ratings

Overall: PG-13

Violence: PG-13 Bullying and death

Language: PG Creative names

Adult Content: G

Reading Level: Grade 6 – Adult