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The Lunar Chronicles is where it is at! I don’t reread many books or series unless they are really good and made an impact on me the first time. This series did and deserved a reread.

There is a reason why this series has become such a big hit over the last couple of years. I love these books and recommend them all the time. I discovered these books shortly after they came out. Some of the larger plot points are much more relevant now after a pandemic and dealing with an advance in technology. This futuristic steampunk series will forever have a place in my heart.

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About The Series

This series is a futuristic, steampunk, fairy-tale retelling. I am a huge fan of fairy-tale remixes like Beastly by Alex Flinn, Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George and so many others. For a longer list of my favorite stories with princesses and fairytales check out 10 Books to Read if You Liked Princess Academy: Princess to Empower Girls. The Lunar Chronicles are awesome for grades 6+ because of the language (mild profanity) and some intense action sequences.

I love these books and recommend them to anyone who likes fairytales. Especially anyone who likes the T.V. series Once Upon A Time. If you are a fan of this series and haven’t read these books, what are you doing with your life? You will be geeking out about these books so much.

One of my favorite things about the Lunar Chronicles is how Marissa Meyer weaves together multiple fairytales in a seamlessly believable way. The series has the stories of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. All of these get a futuristic steampunk twist where Cinderella’s foot comes off, Rapunzel is trapped in outer space, and Red Riding Hood falls in love with a wolf.

These books are very clever and witty. They first came out almost a decade ago and became very popular. It wouldn’t surprise me if these books continue to be popular for years to come. I’m not as familiar with all the novellas, prequels, and in-between stories that have come out to fill in backstories, but the main books are great. Check out this link to read the first 5 chapters of the series for FREE!

Book 1: Cinder

Attributed to Goodreads

A thousand years in the future in New Beijing Cinder works in her mechanic shop when Prince Kai appears with a broken android assistant in need of some help. Cinder’s friendship with Kai deepens while spending time at the palace after Cinder is drafted to help with plague research. Politics, a plague, and a conspiracy theory help round out and bring dimension to a well-loved story.

Overall: PG-13 for language
Language: PG-13 for mild profanity during moments of duress
Violence: PG for a fight with androids and an almost shooting due to mind control
Adult Content: PG a few kisses that set off some sparks

For more about Cinder check out the Parent Guide or head over here to get your copy!

Book 2: Scarlet

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Scarlet is a farmer delivering produce in France. She believes that someone kidnapped her grandmother so she sets out to find her Grandma with a new acquaintance who might be behind the kidnapping. Also, Cinder escapes with the help of her newfound “magic” and goes in search of someone who might have answers about her past, Scarlet’s grandmother.

Overall: PG-13 for violent situations and language
Language: PG-13 for mild profanity in intense moments
Violence: PG-13 for rampaging killer wolf hybrids, gore from fights
Adult Content: PG for kissing and snuggling

Book 3: Cress

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Cinder, Captain Thorn, Scarlet, and Wolf are plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her mutant army while on the run from everyone. Their best hope to take out the Queen rests with Cress, a girl who has grown up imprisoned on a satellite with only the net for company. With so much isolation, she became the world’s best hacker. Just before they start to team up, Cress receives orders from the Queen to track down Cinder and her friends. The team is divided after an attempt to rescue Cress goes awry. Queen Levana is determined to make her wedding to Emperor Kai happen at all costs. The only ones standing in her way are Cinder and her friends.

Overall: To Be Determined
Adult Content:

Here is a spot where you can get your copy of Cress.

Book 4: Winter

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The Lunar people love Princess Winter for her beauty and kindness despite her scarred face. Rumors abound saying Winter is even more beautiful than her stepmother, Queen Levana. When young love blooms between Winter and a palace guard, she is afraid her stepmother will take drastic action to end it before it can start. She decided to join Cinder and her friends as they stir up the rebellion already building against the Queen. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter decide to claim their happily-ever-afters. Winter is the final book in The Lunar Chronicles.

Overall: PG-13 for war violence, language, and non-sexual nudity
Language: PG-13 for mild profanity during moments of duress
Violence: PG-13 Violent war scenes and graphic repetitive stabbing
Adult Content: PG-13 Non-sexual nudity – assist with a bath after coma and non-descriptive

Wrap Up

I love these books! I love many books, but these are amazing, new, and fresh versions of beloved fairy tales. Each fairy tale builds upon the last one as these four kick-butt heroines defy society’s rules and try to save the planet from being overrun. I’ve enjoyed rediscovering The Lunar Chronicles all over again. These books are a must-read for readers who adore fairytale renditions. Also, read the first five chapters for free on a Kindle device!

Need more books to read? Head over to this post all about princesses empowering girls. Other great reads you might like include Geekerella, The Princess Companion, and Everless.

What are some of your favorite fairy-tale renditions? Which story do you love the most?

Happy Reading!


This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy, I make a small commission for referring you. This helps me make a few cents for doing what I love.