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I started this book on a whim, and I’m so glad I did! Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin is the first book in the Love Cliché Sweet Romcom Series. It will sneak in and steal your heart just like it did mine.

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Hi! I’m Emily Campbell. I’m a full-time mom of two young kids and a reader extraordinaire. I built this blog to be a resource for readers wanting to know what is in their books. So many times, I have started reading the latest and greatest on a book list, only to be disappointed with the amount of language, graphic violence, or inappropriate sexual content.

I love reading, but I also try to be selective of what media consume. There are plenty of things in books that do not need a permanent place in my mind. The Book Nanny is here to help you look inside your book. I break down the language, violence, and adult content so you can enjoy the reading process instead of getting an unpleasant surprise.

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Cringe or Cute?

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Usually, the clichés used in romantic comedy books leave me cringing. One of the first lessons I learned in my creative writing classes in college was never to use clichés because everyone has already done them. Your readers want a new idea and something fresh.

When I shared the plot of Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin with my husband, he thought it sounded like another romantic comedy or Hallmark movie. But I didn’t feel that way when I read the book! Maybe it was just the mood I was in, but Emma St. Clair breathed a new life into the cliche Romcom with her incredible characters.

Leading Lady in Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin

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Our leading lady shatters stereotypes. Abby is a woman in the tech industry and can program better than the guys. She doesn’t look like a typical geeky girl. Abby rocks pink hair and loves wearing unique clothes to show her personality. She doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinions on her style of expressing inner joy until she has to face her past.

Abby is hired by her best friend’s twin, Zane, to get his startup app ready to launch in just a few weeks. What starts as fixing a few bugs, turns into sweet-talking investors, going on a paid company vacation, and setting a trap for the person trying to sabotage Zane’s company. 

Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin Parent Guide

Violence: G – a toupee catches on fire

Language: PG – one use of hell

Adult Content: PG-13 – A few make-out sessions but clothes stay on, a couples massage (w/o clothes but no descriptive or sexual nudity), staying in the same hotel room but separate beds. There are no sex scenes.

Trigger Warning

  • Bullying
  • Triggers from the bullying she is overcoming

More than just a RomCom

I love the quick wit and funny inner dialogue of all the characters! Plus, the flirting is so terrible between the two awkward characters, that it is super funny. I love the catchy writing and how quirky and unique the characters are in different situations. It makes them so relatable and easy to connect to.

Emma does a great job bringing in real internal and external struggles. Abby was bullied in high school and regained her confidence with the help of her friends. But starting a new relationship has opened up her insecurities again. When Abby goes through those tricky situations, she has friends to turn to who built her up and help her become the best version of herself.


“Overall, we seem pretty unsuccessful as far as love goes. Cursed, if I’m being honest. Especially considering the fact that we’re all attractive in our own ways and no one has a mustache, a tail, or some kind of weird habit like collecting dryer lint.”

St. Clair, Emma . Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin: a Sweet Romantic Comedy

“I love bugs,” I say. “The computer kind. Not the flying cockroach-as-big-as-your-face kind.”

St. Clair, Emma . Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin: a Sweet Romantic Comedy

“There’s a sense that she finds or creates joy wherever she goes, like she’s wringing out the most she can from her life.”

St. Clair, Emma . Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin: a Sweet Romantic Comedy

Adult Content in Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin

This a great easy, fun romance book. I appreciated how anything spicy stayed behind closed doors. There are a few heated makeout scenes, but that’s all they do on the page. I appreciated the tension and how the relationship was built on more than just their physical spark.

This is a Series!

Usually, when I look for books to read, I gravitate toward books that come in a series. I especially like long series because I know what books to read next, and I don’t have to spend time trying to find something to read. Plus, if it’s something I like, I want more of that thing. It’s like finding a new person to follow.

Falling for my Best Friend’s Twin is the first book in a series called The Love Cliches Sweet RomCom. There are six stories in the book, and each book follows one of her friend and their cliche love story. Each of the books has quirky characters and witty banter. This book will definitely make it onto my next list of favorite clean romance books.

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Where to find Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin

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I found my copy of Falling for your Best Friend’s Twin on Amazon for $5. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited. If you get Kindle Unlimited, you can read the entire series (or however many books you can read in a month) for $10. Or potentially less if you are a student or have an EBT card. They also typically do a discounted rate if you are a first-time Kindle Unlimited user. I go back and forth between having KU and canceling my subscription. If I find a bunch of books I want to read but can’t find at my library, I’ll subscribe for a month and read all the books before unsubscribing. 😂


I think any teen or adult would enjoy this book. It’s a great, fast read if you need an escape for a few hours. If you liked Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin, you should read the second book in the series Falling for Your Boss. It’s the other twin’s turn to fall in love. Another great place to find my favorite romance novels is my list of 13 Heatmelting clean romance Novels.

Until next time, happy reading!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy, I make a small commission for referring you. This helps me make a few cents for doing what I love.