The gang is back, but they have bigger problems than before. Wax is still getting over his first wife while planning a wedding to another. Marasi is working with the Constables and has to prove her worth before they take her seriously. Wayne doesn’t want Wax to get married and tells him often. With the city in an uproar, laborers threatening to strike, religious factions at each other’s throats, and a mysterious assassin on the loose trying to overthrow the government and Harmony, Shadows of Self is truly a masterpiece.

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First Look

I’m going through a Brandon Sanderson phase right now, but I really love the world and the unique kind of magic that he has created. Shadows of Self gets five stars from me (which is a rarity!). A 5-star rating means that I would definitely reread this book, would love to own it and would recommend it to anyone. This book is the second in the Mistborn: Wax and Wayne Series, and number 5 in the Mistborn series. One thing that is nice about the Wax and Wayne series (books 4-6 of the Mistborn series) is you can read them without reading the first three books, and because they take place hundreds of years later, I got to discover a whole new world with some of the best elements of the original trilogy.

Book Ratings

Overall: PG-13 For language and violence

Violence: PG-13 Brief graphic images and gunfights

Language: PG-13 Strong language

Adult Content: PG Mild innuendos

Reading Level: Grade 7 – Adult


“Your grasp of the language is startling,” Wax said, “considering how you so frequently brutalize it.”

“Ain’t nobody what knows the cow better than the butcher, Wax.”

He’d always found it odd that so many died when they were old, as logic said that was the point in their lives when they’d had the most practice not dying.

What I Love About This Book

Shadows of Self also gives the readers a peek into the pasts of Wax and Wayne. We see moments that shape their lives forever. One of these secrets is the story of how they became a team and why Wayne will always be there for Wax. It also helps us understand the relationship between Wax and Lessie, his former wife and sidekick. These stories make each character more vivid as their deepest sorrows are exposed.

One thing that I really like about this book is it has a bitter-sweet ending. I’m not going to tell you, because spoilers are never fun, but the end has a huge twist that leaves the characters and the readers questioning everything! When a book ties everything up in a bow, it is a little too neat and it doesn’t sit quite right with me because life never plays out like that. The way Shadows of Self ended took me completely by surprise, and I couldn’t believe that it would just end like that. I had to immediately check out the next book to continue the story and see where life took them.

Happy Reading!