After a ship’s mutiny strands an English couple on the remote African coast their son is born in the wild. Soon after, he is orphaned and adopted by apes. The tribe of apes is reluctant to accept him, so Tarzan grows up as an outcast in a world filled with ferocious animals. In order to survive Tarzan learns the skills of the jungle: how to fight the great predators, talk with animals, and swing through trees. Through many adventures, he gains the title of Lord of the Jungle. When his jungle is invaded by civilized men, Tarzan must choose between two worlds.

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Book Ratings

Overall: PG-13 For animalistic fights and some language.

Violence: PG-13 For graphic animalistic fights.

Language: PG Infrequent use of expletives. Only 5 in the whole book.

Adult Content: G A few kisses but nothing further.

Reading Level: Grade 7 – Adult