Synopsis of The Princess Companion

The royal palace is filled with danger and romance for a woodcutter’s daughter.  Alyssa knocks on the door of the palace after being lost in the woods during a stormy night. She has no idea what to expect on the other side of the door after living her whole life in the forest. Two rambunctious girls, a handsome prince, and a job as the Princess Companion sweep her up in a whirlwind. Alyssa learns that navigating social classes, and enjoying newfound friendships are just the beginning as danger and intrigue infiltrate the palace. She is the only one who can save the Kingdom from destruction and maybe save the prince too. This is a reimagination of the story The Princess and the Pea show the story of searching for a true princess.

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First Impressions

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So first a little disclaimer, I love all fairytale renditions and love both the familiarity and the difference that each author brings to their version of the story. This book is a hidden gem and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series. The Princess Companion is different from the normal love at first sight and happily ever after that most fairytales are. There are real conflicts and emotions at play. It was so easy to fall under the spell of this book.

The Princess Companion Parent Guide

Overall: PG for violence
Violence: PG some fighting and a kidnapping
Language: G none
Adult Content: G a kiss or two but nothing more
Reading Level: Grades 7+; I think this would be a great book for younger readers with a higher vocabulary

Touchy Topics in The Princess Companion

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  • Neglectful parents: Alyssa confronts a neglectful parent and they talk about why and how to fix it.
  • Depression: It isn’t explicitly called depression but the consequences & reasoning behind the depression are discussed.
  • Blaming others: Throwing blame on others happens and exacerbates the situation.
  • Following Instincts: The ability to follow instincts is rewarded with increased responsibility
  • Jealousy: Multiple people are jealous throughout the book and we see it’s consequences.
  • Social classes: Alyssa finds herself stuck between two classes and learns how to navigate it and break down barriers.
  • Reality vs Expectations: Multiple characters have moments where they have to reconcile their expectations with reality.


“Sometimes I have good ideas, sometimes I have bad ideas and sometimes I have colossally bad ideas.”

― Melanie Cellier, The Princess Companion: A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea

“I am soft. But that doesn’t mean I’m not brave. I just save my bravery for when it’s actually needed.” 

― Melanie Cellier, The Princess Companion: A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea

My Thoughts about The Princess Companion

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I really enjoyed this book and how Melanie Cellier created her own story on the framework of a timeless tale. It has some of the elements of the fairytale but it brings in a deeper experience as we see Alyssa’s relationships with each member of the royal family. Some things could be improved, but overall this book is a great light read that promotes good values. I appreciated how it showed that we shouldn’t allow our weaknesses to hold us back from doing good.

What to Read Next?

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Happy Reading!