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Synopsis of The Princess Fugitive

Princess Ava wakes up to a knife in her face and finally knows the consequences of her recent failure in Arcadia. Ava was once a powerful weapon and now she flees for her life. The only person who remains loyal to her is Hans, her bodyguard. He claims to know the true Ava hidden under the wolf her father turned her into. Ava has a hard time believing in that because she has been the villain for so long she can’t remember the real her. Exile is the only place for the princess fugitive to unlock the secrets of who she is and how to save her kingdom. Befriending her enemies will be only the beginning.

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First Impressions

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The Princess Fugitive is the second book in the Four Kingdoms series. After the first book The Princess Companion, I wasn’t sure how Melanie Cellier was going to make me fall in love with Princess Ava after she was the villain in the last book. This was a great redemption arc though that shows Ava at her lowest and then climbing out. There is a very distinct difference between the two sides of Ava. I thought that there would be more elements of Little Red Riding Hood in the story and was disappointed. I feel like the connection to Red Riding Hood was a bit of a stretch but overall it’s a great story.

The Princess Fugitive Parent Guide

Overall: PG-13 for violence

Violence: PG-13 for intense sequence and killing in self-defense

Language: None

Adult Content: PG a few mild kisses

Reading Level: Grades 7-12

Touchy Topics in The Princess Fugitive

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  • Abusive Parents: Ava’s father was mentally and emotionally abusive. Some of his manipulation tactics are described in connection with her father.
  • God-like figure: Part of Ava’s quest is to find the High King. He is a God figure for the four realms. He rules out of compassion but makes Ava face her inner turmoil.
  • Lying: There are instances of lying and not revealing the whole truth. Each instance is brought to right in the book.
  • Delegating: Ava learns to delegate responsibility to those with the most knowledge in a given field.
  • Betrayal of trust: This is similar but different to trust. People who should protect others instead push them into harm’s way to save themselves.


“Her father had taught her how to influence those around her even as she learned her first words. She clung to the sense of control manipulation gave her. And yet, at the same time, she liked knowing that there was one person unaffected by her skills.”

– Melanie Cellier, The Princess Fugitive

“I should have known,” he said. “People just keep underestimating you, don’t they, Princess?”

“All except for you, dear Hans.”

– Melanie Cellier, Ther Princess Fugitive

“I’m afraid that a princess you may be, young lady, but deserving you are not.”

– Melanie Cellier, Th Princess Fugitive

My Thoughts about The Princess Fugitive

woman wearing red cape

The concept of Little Red Riding Hood was a bit of a stretch but the story itself is great. I enjoyed the redemption arc of Ava and liked seeing the vulnerable insecure side of her. Those moments made it more realistic. Quite a few of our favorite characters are brought in from the last book along with some new ones too. The love story in The Princess Fugitive is different from the standard story and I found it very refreshing. Ava is a strong female character in this novel, granted she does have moments of insecurities but everyone goes through those moments. I also like how change isn’t an instantaneous process and it is something that Ava has to work on throughout the novel. I do recommend this book but there is some violence sprinkled throughout.

What to Read Next?

If you enjoyed this book check out A Kiss of Deception or go on to read the third book in this series The Princess Pact. Both of these novels feature more strong females who fight for their kingdom.

Happy Reading!


This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and decide to buy, I make a small commission for referring you. This helps me make a few cents for doing what I love.