There are a lot of mixed reviews on The Thief. Many people don’t like how much time is spent traveling and telling their legends. To me, it has a Lord of the Rings vibe. Another thing that I liked, and didn’t like, was the main character Gen. It was refreshing to have a non-typical protagonist because the entire book you hate him. Gen is rude and it is hard to find any redeemable qualities in him. The ending though is worth it. It redeemed Gen enough for me to speed through the rest of the series. It isn’t for everyone but I liked it so much I got a copy for my bookshelf.

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Gen is a thief who can steal anything. When the King’s scholar, the magus, finds out he rescues Gen from prison to go on a secret mission. They are off to steal an ancient treasure for the King guarded by the Gods. Here’s the catch though, Gen doesn’t believe in the Gods, so how can he steal from them? This book is an epic fantastical journey through legend and mythology.

The Thief Parent Guide

Overall: PG

Violence: PG

Language: PG There are 13 instances of biblical swear words

Adult Content: G

Reading Level: Grade 4 – YA


“A thief never makes a noise by accident.”

― Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief

“All I wanted to do was lie in the dry grass with my feet in a ditch forever. I could be a convenient sort of mile marker, I thought. Get to the thief and you know you’re halfway to Methana.”

― Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief

“You learn something new every day.”
“What are you learning?” Sophos asked.
“To keep my mouth shut, I hope.”

― Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief

What to read after The Thief

I hope you have the next couple of books in the series because you won’t believe what Gen steals next! Gen’s adventure continues in The Queen of Attolia. For more books packed with action check out this post of books similar to The Hunger Games or this one about books similar to the Mandalorian T.V. Series. Another book you might like is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Happy Reading!